I declare as a participant and client of activities and events run by The Silent Rave and hosted by MC’s that are contracted to work for The Silent Rave that I am:

1 Responsible

Committed to being responsible and respectful of all participants, staff and people outside, including non-clients.

Obeying all laws and by-laws pertaining to the areas upon which the event is conducted.

Understanding the risks of the event:

  • wearing headphones can reduce perception of the environment and hazards
  • listening to music at a high volume can damage hearing

2 Unimpaired

  • Commit to being unimpaired physically and mentally during the event.
  • Do not have an injury which prevents me or affects me adversely when participating in the event.
  • Will not be intoxicated by drugs (or alcohol) which may cause harm to myself or others during the event.
  • Agreeing to these terms consciously without coersion and with free will.


  • I understand that by not adhering to the above rules and guidelines, I waive my right to claim any form of compensation from The Silent Rave or it’s contractors.
  • I am fully responsible for myself and fully understand the risks involved in participating in the event.