So how does silent disco actually work?

Just imagine your very own private radio station. Then watch the video / read the instructions below.

Setup Instructions

Download Setup Instructions for wired devices.

Bluetooth Setup

Please note that this transmitter has multiple inputs and can have multiple functions. You can pair with bluetooth outputs, connect to DJ decks, laptops and even add a mic input. Please see instructions below.

Bluetooth pairing (recommended for devices with no output cables or plugs:

When the transmitter is powered on, press Bluetooth button 1 and hold for about 5-6 seconds, indicator 2 lights red and blue flash alternately, it will be the pairing mode.

The indicator 2 light will always be blue when the transmitter is connected to your Bluetooth device, you will need to follow any prompts in your own device.

Once paired the audio signal of the paired device will be sent from the transmitter to the headphone.

The Bluetooth input is prioritised when you have Bluetooth input and audio input 9 at the same time. To use the analog audio input with cable, first turn off the Bluetooth, the transmitter will transmit the signal from audio input9.

Connect an audio source like an iPhone at 9, slide the power ON/OFF switch 11,4 display the channel.

Make sure that the transmitter matches the headset channel:

(1 = Blue, 2= Red, 3= Green)

then the headphone can receive music(signal) from the transmitter.

Channel switch:

Press button 3 to switch the channel, 4 indicate the change of

adjustments of button 3

Charging The Transmitter:

Turn off the transmitter and connect to the power supply at 12, charging

indicator 10 lights. Red indicates Charge status, green indicates fully charged.

Charging when the transmitter is working: you can also charge the transmitter when it is working. Turn on the transmitter and connect to the power supply at 12, charging indicator 10 lights up. This means the transmitter is charged and working at the same time.

Using the Microphone (if provided):

Plug in the external microphone at 8, press the button 6, the IndicatorLight 5 is on, transmitter would launch the microphone audio signal prior, press the 6 again, the indicator light 5 is off, the transmitter will switch to the original status.Bluetooth: When transmitter is power on,press and hold 1 about 3 seconds, indicator 2 is on , the Bluetooth opens. After power on, Bluetooth is disconnected, the 2 indicator blinks blue; while connected status, the indicator 2 displays blue and keeps on; long press 1 for about 3 seconds, indicator 2 displays red then goes off, then the

Bluetooth is off.