COVID-19 Management / Response Plan

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Silent Disco / Disco DJ Risk Assessment

Public Liability Insurance Details available upon request

Risks and Event Terms and Conditions

  1. You retain proof of purchase for any tickets and must present this at the event
  2. We may contact you with regards to future events via e-mail or SMS
  3. If an event ticket deposit is made and you do not attend, no refund will be given, you may sell your ticket but you must notify us the details of the name transfer.


  1. You return our headphones at the end of the party (You may require ID or a Deposit of $50)
  2. Lost or broken headphones will incur a fee of $50 or you will lose the deposit
  3. Ticket purchase implies that you agree to our event staff securely recording your credit card details and ID for security in the case of headphones not bring returned your credit card will be charged $50 within 7 days of the event. These details will be deleted from our records once your rented headset is returned.


  1. ALL OUR EVENTS ARE SAFE SPACES - gross misconduct or violent behaviour means we will eject you from the Venue and ban you from further events
  2. Respect the space and the Venue, try your best to leave no trace
  3. Special terms may apply for some events, please read the event details for further info


Please respect our staff and treat them with kindness. They go above and beyond to create a fun time. Abuse will not be tolerated.

Please be aware that these Terms and Conditions apply to all events organised by us, however may not be applicable to events run by third party hires of our equipment.

You may be required to sign a waiver if you book outside of our usual operating hours and conditions. This protects us and our staff from potentially dangerous behavior.