Partner Contractor Training

The below is to assist those who work as partners and contractors of The Silent Rave team to do various activities with us at or for events. Partner’s are not 'Employees' but are contractors. Work is carried out on a casual basis and if and when it arises as our work is gig based.

Partners who use equipment at events must ensure they have their own agreements and contracts with their volunteers and staff under their own respective operational model.

We recommend every 100 headsets have the following roles to manage them:

3 Site Security - keeping an eye on where headsets go, for crowd control etc.

2 Staff for headset / Deposit / ID collection

1 Sound Engineer Dedicated to ensuring sound is working correctly at all times
Event Management



Handling & Transport


Before you do anything open a box and take a photo of the amazing equipment at your disposal. The headsets are transported in sealed tubs packed in an ‘open’ state. They are packed this way to ensure the least friction and the most strength of structure in case the box falls etc. While they can be folded away, we find that the rubbing of the equipment causes the most wear and tear.  Especially to ear muffs. So when transporting please transport them the same way they have been packed when you received them - the photo before will help you recall. Packing them in other configurations may prove difficult and tubs may not fit the equipment. We know… we tried :)


These come in their own container boxes. There is one spare. Please ensure they are handled gently, and left unplugged from power when they are not being used. Do not red line the mix, if the headphones are crunchy sounding the signal is too hot for the transmitter from the decks and mixer.




Keep each transmitter dedicated to a channel and at least 2m apart from one another. Check each is on a separate channel and that each DJ is aware what channel they are on. DJ’s ‘Cue’ is their own cans, ‘booth monitor’ is a headphone. Ensure the headphone volume matches on each DJ’s headset from the start so they can adjust mixer volume. It is jarring for audiences when channel volumes are different when switching back and fourth. Assigning someone to monitor DJ’s levels is very important.

Test a headset at least 3m away from the Transmitter. Radio frequency interference patterns can cause DJ’s to think their mix is distorted because their headset is right next to the transmitter.

Headsets can sometimes malfunction during transport, most often this is due to moisture and this is easily fixed. It’s usually the power, channel or the volume knob. Wiggle them around, blow into the cavity, after a few wiggles the headset often comes right.

Transmitters take RCA in, cables provided. It is recommended that all three transmitters run together to create synch between them and ensure there is no RF signal bleed. Overall it’s a better experience.


ID / Deposit

The ID boxes have labelled slots for each ID to go into. Rubber bands to keep them together. Alphabetical order of first name is a good way to go. It is important to have good lighting for the ID/ Deposit stand so you can see faces, numbers names etc. A headtorch is super handy, as is a desk lamp.

$50 Deposit required for people doing dangerous activities - it is easier to get a deposit first than seek payment later. This applies for circus acts, especially fire.

Usually damage can be fixed with that $50 but if the headset is unrecoverable then replacement usually costs us $65-80AUD. Please see T & C’s for full details of replacement costs.

You will have been provided sufficient chargers to be able to recharge headsets within 3-4hrs. All Chargers have USB outlets with Nokia pin x 4 outlets attached. The Nokia pins insert into the bottom of the headphone.

Do not plug in while power is on. This includes headsets and the charger itself. When charging, the headsets will have a red LED - if this doesn’t display the headset is either not plugged in properly or has died. Check the cable at each point of connection. Once charged the headset will glow green. Some may charge quicker than others.

Recharging can be done with headsets inside boxes for protection from elements but this is not essential. Generally, overnight charging may warrant this because of strong dew / frost fall in the early mornings.

To recharge wireless transmitters please see instructions here.

To recharge headphones, simply use the input plug at the bottom of the headphone. Indicator lights red when charging and, green when fully charged.
Packup, Cleaning & Storage

Wipe down dirty headsets with a soapy moist cloth. try not to get water into the headset when cleaning. Do not press deeply into the ear muff cavity it may damage the speakers. Do not use alcohol or solvents to wipe them. It is recommended for best hygeine that the headsets be cleaned post their recharge, ready for action and then packed away.

Spare ear muffs have been provided, they stretch on around the rim of the headsets if any have been lost or damaged.

Pack the headsets the same way they came for best transport. 25 should fit into a single box. Folding headsets can damage the ear muffs during transport and storage. DO NOT STORE them folded.

Equipment comes with boxes, ensure they are all collected and that equipment is safely stored in their respective containers for longevity.
Staff / Talent

Please ensure if you are a partner to make yourself available for hires or pick ups or assign someone to be available when possible. We will always try to organise the best time for you with a client or assist you to do so with them, keeping you in the communications loop.

Please have equipment, cleaned, ready and stored safely out of direct sunlight, moisture for deployment.

Performers / DJ’s / MC’s


  • Must have own Public liability insurance cover for activities done during a performance (ALL)
  • Must communicate and liaise with the clients to ensure the event goes smoothly and on time (ALL)
  • Needs to do the gift shop prior to a walk (MC’s)
  • Some documentation of the event to help with promotion such as short video, pictures etc. - clients sign a 'use of pictures and video' terms in their booking form online for permissions to use  (MC’s)
  • Supply own costume, additional props as assets if needed (ALL)
  • Map out the walk (We can always assist with this but the performer would know the region better)   (MC’s)
  • Charge, clean, test and prepare equipment for the walk before and after a walk   (ALL)
  • Timely reporting of repairs, replacements   (ALL)
  • Safely transport equipment to and from the walk and store it in a moisture resistant container (ALL)
  • A regular update on the market and how The Silent Rave can further support you to create a better experience (ALL)
  • Ultimately, create a fun filled, memorable event for the client and be creative (ALL)
  • Required of the Clients to help Performers MC’s and DJ’s:
  • Must book the performer at least a month ahead through an invite (We use Google and Calendly to confirm date and time and invite the client and the performer to the walk)
  • Assists performer by suggesting a starting point / meeting point / setup area for the event
  • Gives performer and The Silent Rave team musical direction if needed
  • Must pre-pay online at least 3 weeks prior to the event in full online or direct bank transfer
  • Confirm event completion
  • Provide feedback (optional)
  • Agrees to terms and conditions of the walk including safety and use of data / images / video etc.
  • Pays for any damaged equipment due to their fault (in case there is broken equipment) - normal wear and tear is acceptable.

Required of The Silent Rave Team:

  • Assist all performers and partners in communication with the client including calendar invite, address and contact details, event details sharing
  • Assist with a music playlist if required (usually using Spotify)
  • Pay 50% of performer fee + Gift budget - 2 weeks before the event (we rely on client prepayment to ensure we can prepay the performer)
  • Pay final performer fee and referral commission amount after the event is completed (client and performer to confirm)
  • Request feedback and a review post the day of the walk (Use the Google Maps link for your region)
  • Send thanks and pics online within 2 weeks of the event
  • Training partners in all aspects of equipment management
  • Technical support for partners
  • Equipment replacement at The Silent Rave’s cost (includes shipping)
  • Updates to pricing done only with 90 Calendar days warning (we do our best to maintain current pricing to remain competitive and only change prices once every year) - prices have not changed for about 6mths.

Partners have a general responsibility to:

(a) comply with reasonable requests given to you by Silent Rave Leadership;

(b) at all times act faithfully, honestly and diligently;

(c) ensure you are performing solely work related activities in work time;

(d) exhibit a professional and courteous attitude when dealing with The Silent Rave team, its

customers, partners, suppliers and other members of the public; and

(e) act in the Silent Rave’s best interests at all times.

(f) act in the interest of the greater good of the planet in line with our Green pledge


Payment and Remuneration (for non-Voluteers)


Where applicable, work is provided on a casual basis and ABN invoiced basis. This means you must provide us an Invoice for your services if payment is agreed to. We do not withhold tax.

We encourage all contractors to manage their own tax and Super. If we are requested to pay Super, it will be inclusive in the total quoted rate during initial negotiations. We must be notified of this before work commences. Any Super requested to be paid after contractors are paid must be transferred back to The Silent Rave so we can deposit into your respective Super account.


Contractual Definitions & responsibilities

In the Terms of Hire the parties of the contact of hire are defined as:
PARTY A - The parties in this contract defines the owner Secret Sound Solutions ( as PARTY A or US

PARTY B - The individual or organization hiring the equipment for use at an event or premises as PARTY B - the client

PARTY C - is a group or individuals using the equipment at the event held by PARTY B.

Where an event is run by a contractor of PARTY A, PARTY B is defined as the responsible party for equipment care. However it is the responsibility of PARTY A to ensure all members of PARTY C are held responsible for any damages or losses.

Where PARTY B is acting as a contractor for PARTY A on behalf of PARTY A, re-hiring to PARTY C, then PARTY C will be held responsible for damages and losses. Such responsibility is to be upheld by PARTY B and enforced by PARTY A.


Information here is true and correct as of May 1st 2024.