Our Green Pledge

At the Silent Rave we strongly believe in serving the greater whole. Part of this ethic involves working with community to clean up the planet, clean up our hearts and minds to act with consciousness and connection to the highest degree we can. We don't care much for certifications, however our team do the research and we do our utmost as follows:

Our Equipment and Events can run on 100% Solar Energy

  • We charge and run our equipment with solar energy
  • At our outdoor events we have a dedicated battery pack we hire which is solar charged
  • Our silent disco events use 1/1000 th the Carbon Footprint of most equivalent events.

Leave No Trace Events

  • We coach and encourage all of our vendors to commit to recycling, the use of minimal non - renewables and to leave no trace post event.
  • We train client’s and partners and request that you help us commit to these goals to consciously co-create a better planet.