Y⎊u-niverse - VIVID Festival 2017

Y⎊u-niverse - VIVID Festival 2017

This year the Digital Shamans featured Silent Disco Sydney in their artwork at Vivid.


Photos by Shawn Yeo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shawnyeo.90/

Y⎊u-niverse is a beautiful, immersive artwork that explores the interconnections of people, and highlights the juxtaposition between personal and shared experiences.


Through the three facades of the floating inverted pyramid, You-niverse redefines the art of storytelling through photography, using it to convey everyday moments as seen through the heart.



Let the accompanying soundscapes transport you to another place as you become absorbed in the rollercoaster of colour and beautiful imagery; or choose your own adventure with one of the curated Y⎊u-niverse playlists on Spotify, and allow the music and lyrics to take you on a journey through your own memories and emotions as you explore the sides of the pyramid.

~ Vivid Sydney

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