What's on in Sydney ☊ Surveillance Party 3

What's on in Sydney ☊ Surveillance Party 3

From the wonderful people at Surveillance Party who brought you Surveillance Party 1, 2 and Emoji Rave, the third of their famous theatrical themed parties, Surveillance Party 3 was held Sat 21st November 2015.

Those of you who were fortunate enough to get in on this sell out event, which came with a free download of music from artists from their independent music Label.

Featuring Indie bands and performers La Luz, Kanyon and No Illuminati, interstate DJ Operon, mad music scientists Xan, Haptic, Dotmicro and a host of other's from all over the universe, the lineup was jam packed with a variety of music.


Bernie Davie's visuals were intensely immersive and triggered by audio, the backdrops custom made by Nefarius.

Check out the list below the vid for the full list of creatives who made this happen as we cannot possibly list them here twice amaze as they are!

With very accommodating and friendly (thank goodness) Police arriving on cue at 10pm to come check it out, we transitioned to Silent Disco Mode and kicked it till 3am at a Secret Warehouse in the City.

We are going to spare you further details and share this exclusive footage with you. This is how we party, when we Surveillance Party.

See us at Surveillance Party RADAR 2016

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Music: Operon, No Illuminati, Kanyon, Mirella's Inferno, La Luz Music, Stephen Kay, Haptic, Ponez, Neon Agenda, DB Drops, Loveless, Paul Pearlstone, Animatic, Dotmicro, Nefarius, Wonky, Xan Müller | Visuals: Bernie Davies, Nefarius, Electra Spectre | Wireless headphones: Secret Sound Solutions |Venue: Work-Shop | Sound: Buzz Speaker Hire | Volunteers: Jammy Warwick, Sarah Taripo, Sophie Owens, Mitchell Hopkins, Lane Pitcher, Kowen Moodley, Tanya Rae, Rachel Florence, Martin Semmler. Video Credits: Filmed by Tim Baines ; Courtney Calloway Timelapse by Matt Branagan Edited by Courtney Calloway Music by Xan Müller

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