What's on in Sydney ☊ Emoji Rave 8th August

What's on in Sydney ☊ Emoji Rave 8th August

If you haven't ever been to a rave then you've been seriously missing out. But, if you missed Surveillance Party's  Emoji Rave  then you've probably missed one of the best underground gigs Sydney and perhaps even Australia has to offer this side of the century.

Never a rave without poi, hoops & staffs. But these are not fire but LED

As nightlife in Sydney appears to get worse, nightclubs shut and lockouts and restrictions to partying become a bug in a flawed social system, a team of people who want to change that by re-creating culture are up to some new tricks - enter Silent Disco Sydney.




Check out more party pictures from scenester here. Expect to see and hear more from these guys and Secret Sound Solutions this summer.

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