A Vision of a Better World

A Vision of a Better World

We are Partnered with Victory Yoga to bring back Immersive Yoga experiences. Founder and teacher Valerie is an inspiring young mind with a big heart. Recently we have been running socially distanced classes on weekends together, with Paul Pearlstone DJing a custom set for each class.

About Valerie:

  •     Sydney based Yoga, meditation & acro-yoga teacher.
  •     Founder of Victory Yoga
  •     Passionate about sharing her passion & helping others becoming the best version of themselves.
  •     Driven & entrepreneurial, I have worked in multiple industries but my passion is around organizing events.
  •     Very interested in personal development, in building habits & how the human brain & mindset works.

Changing the world, 1 yoga class at the time …

I truly believe that if everyone would be doing yoga and meditating everyday, there will be less anger, frustration, hatred & unhappiness in the world, therefore, this world would be a better place.  Sounds a bit optimistic, but this is exactly how I decided to live my life.

I also understand that yoga is not for everyone and everyone has their own way of channeling negative emotions & feeling better. And that’s totally fine.

However, yoga can be used in so many ways; whether you want a better health, physically or mentally, whether you need to let go of some stuff, or maybe you want to deepen your spirituality or bring more flow into your life, bring more life force into your life.
Connecting like-minded people

Amongst Victory Yoga core value figures connection & community. This is an essential element to make the world a better place. Because how could we possibly improve the world without deeply connecting with other beings and feeling a sense of community and care?

We aim to create that sense of community AND creating healthy habits by putting some classes & events up where like-minded people can connect and share upon similar interests.

Gone are the days where the only way you could have fun with your friends was to get drunk at the pub.

Our events aim to make yoga & healthy habits more accessible AND fun. We want our guests to release some of the feel good hormones in a most natural way: by exercising, laughing, connecting & being in awe of nature (hence why most of our classes are outdoors).

    Life should be enjoyed to the fullest while having fun and this is one of our core values when it comes to putting events together.


Final words..

To anyone wishing to learn more about yoga or start their journey, I highly recommend trying as many different styles, studios & teachers as you can. There are so many different kind of yoga and not all of them is suitable for us. Keep trying until you find your perfect match.

Connect with Valerie & Victory Yoga

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