Ocean Immersive Contemplations - A Unique Experience

Ocean Immersive Contemplations - A Unique Experience

The Digital Shamans and Wu De teamed up together for something unique at the Coogee Sandstone cliffs.

Author and teacher Wu De is a true chajin (tea person). He has been a practitioner of Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) for over 20 years, and he has reached over 100,000 people through his writings, classes, workshops, seminars and interviews.


Combining Immersive C⎊ntemplations a beautifully interactive meditation inciting participants to attune to the subtle energies around them, with Tea Ceremony offered people a chance to journey inwards in a truly personal way, to experience some of the Quietude, Presence, Clarity and Completion tea has to offer  - sharpening the senses of participants to the life around them.

"The two practices contrast each other, sound to quietude, slowly bringing us home to ourselves."

It was an honor to have Wu De present a tea ceremony and the Digital Shamans use our silent disco headphones in such a unique way to change peoples perspectives and bring new experiences together.


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