How to Get the Most Out of Your Silent Disco

How to Get the Most Out of Your Silent Disco

Silent Disco hire has grown ever popular over the past few years. From being a very niche product that almost became a gimmick, it has grown to be a useful service World Wide.

So how do you get the best out of your Silent Disco? The answer to that and more, below.

Choose quality provider that values quality over sales volume

There are various Silent Disco companies - some have been around a long time. But length of stay on the market doesn’t guarantee quality - genuine reviews DO!

Choose High quality Equipment

The sound coming out of your equipment matters as much as the equipment it comes out of. We highly recommend you use mid to high tier Android Pads and phones or laptops. The main reason being that the hardware on this equipment is years ahead of other brands and types. Apple Laptops can also be quite descent.

Choose a silent disco provider that has equipment with good battery life and headphones, perhaps 6 hours or longer. You and your party goers will thank you later. Needless to say our customers think we are the best in Australia.

Configure Your Equipment

Many people do not know that there are audio settings in their equipment and their software that can result in better quality audio. Ensure your device is set up with high quality audio output or streaming. It means you will use more data, but if you are on Wifi, this hardly matters! More on that below…

Use a good music library - if you have mp3’s make sure they are 256kbps or better rated, AIFF, WAV, OGG and FLAC are other good formats that are preferable.

Ensure your silent disco transmitters are kept at least 2-5 metres apart and about 2 metres from the audience when setting up.

Configure Your Software

A lot of customers use Software such as iTunes, Spotify and Youtube. We highly recommend Spotify if you want an easy, hands off approach. Have a family account if you have multiple transmitters / channels and check you have the following playback / audio settings turned up.

Spotify (Premium) Settings (Android)

  • Turn on Very High Quality Audio
  • Turn App Volume to Very High

  • Turn Off any Ringer alerts on phones for uninterrupted play.
  • Turn off any background apps and close browsers on laptops or tablets.
  • Check your itunes / Apple Music / Spotify Equaliser settings and ensure the sound is optimal for your choice of music on the headphones.


Spotify Free Settings (Apple)

  • Turn your quality up and do ‘gapless playback’ to make your songs auto-mix
  • Increase the length of time for mix to 10 seconds or more.

    • Adjust your Output device Equaliser to Suit your music style - Our headsets have a certain ‘colour’ - we recommend a curve closely resembling this for best listening.
    • DJ’s may find this can be done in DJ software.

      DJ Tips

      A famous Audio technician once said…

      DO NOT RED LINE the mix- it will sound awful, it can cause deafness, we cannot stress this enough! Protect your ears.


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