Art Month 2022

Art Month 2022

What is Sydney’s highest quality silent disco up to for art month? Well, for starters we are back up and running hires for private gigs and art galleries.

The latest of which is Cement Fondu’s exhibition, Virtue and Virtuosity

We happened to be there for the opening night and love the subject of these art works.

BETTER NATURE is a new annual program of art and events that examines ecological ideas from a more-than-human perspective, responding to our time of planetary crisis by embracing the complex entanglement of human and non-human worlds. 

As you all know we support positive community development and real change towards sustainable living.

Our headphones were used for relaying content which will be hosted out loud for the rest of exhibition, but on opening night there was a live DJ playing ambient tunes. And while the DJ won’t be there when you might get there, the video we helped support by Heather Phillipson will be, so check it out at the gallery 12th March to 22nd of May.





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