3 Mistakes To Avoid When Running a Silent Disco

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Running a Silent Disco

1 Putting on Background Music

This is one the biggest mistakes you can make. A Silent disco is still quite a novel concept. If you have background music running while there’s a Silent Disco the same venue or house, people are less likely to participate.

Silent Disco is in itself a social opportunity, however if you compete with it by adding another sound source, most people will be quite happy to just sit around talking or even dancing to that instead of do something new and different. It’s familiar, comfortable and it takes zero effort.



2 Have Just One Channel

Of the same old house music you listened to and added to favorites into Spotify last year.

Hire at least two channels and / a DJ. You’ll get to hear your favorites on the second channel and experience something new from the DJ. Either way at least your more curious and fun folks will enjoy a choice, which increases engagement.

The bonus is, no matter what your preference, you’ll still both be on that dance floor, having much more fun.

Nothing is worse than putting on a Silent Disco and most of the people sit it out. It can soon turn from into disappointment from the guests and your own regret about your hire.



3 Forget to Create An Atmosphere

Whether it’s a disco vibe, fluoro glow or a rave, create a theme and make your party special. Just because the headsets glow, don’t just forget about the lighting.

If you wouldn’t rock up to a club in your track suit pants and that jumper you wore last week to paint you mom’s spare room, then make sure your Silent disco attendees get the memo! Set a theme, ask them to dress up. Mood-light the place so it’s memorable and different from the usual.

We actually also rent out lighting and for a really good price!

The delivery person will even set it up.


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