🔥 Immersive Contemplations at Waterworld (A Burning Seed Side-Burn)

🔥 Immersive Contemplations at Waterworld (A Burning Seed Side-Burn)

When floods hit the burning seed site this year, the Burning Seed crews split off to do their own smaller burns all over Australia. The Digital Shamans partnered with us to gift a unique immersive contemplation experience to 20 very lucky folks at Water world near Canberra.

Water world: Toasted Faeries Campsite

Gathered on the side of a hill, donning Secret Sound Solution's silent rave wireless headphones, the participants were lead by the talented artists of Digital Shamans, through a sensory masterpiece.



Usually, the Digital Shaman's operate in more controlled indoor spaces, in order to have more control over the experience they deliver. While the silent disco headphones can be very useful in both situations, they were vital where external audio influences need to be strictly controlled.


“Very alternative exploration of inner space"


At 'bush doofs' there is constant music playing at loud volume - and this was no different at the burn. In an environment with external noise, the immersion achieved by using our wireless silent disco headphones, combined with their high quality audio and ability for the user to move freely made this, part art, part meditation, part sensory exploration, super interesting.


"Felt like exploring a familiar, yet somewhat alien landscape"

The Digital Shamans operate internationally and plan to hold more of these with us in the future, so keep an eye out for them near you soon.


 An immersive contemplation piece performed inside a hall

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