🍂 Luminescence Forest Immersive 🍃

🍂 Luminescence Forest Immersive 🍃

February 2017 was the beginning of a new type of event. Creating the perfect blend of immersion in nature and sustainable living with the musical and performance talents of many outstanding local and international artists, Luminescence Forest Immersive was held at a secret location just north of Newcastle.






With a 5k Gelfling Productions custom sound system during the day, a workshop by the Digital Shamans that was central to the concept and silent disco stages that ran in the night.



Story telling is a very important aspect of human culture. A key feature was the open mic session which enabled free expression and the creative talents of people to emerge. This became a hit as talk show hosts took over to create their own shows and discuss various aspects of life.

Starting with a welcome to country from traditional aboriginal law man and elder Paul Callaghan, Luminescence honored the traditional protectors and custodians of the land.

People came from all around to see well known acts such as...




Thanks so much to all who came and made this event so spectacular. Everyone was blown away by how much talent and good vibes could gather in a place and create such amazing inner light for Luminescence.

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